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San Salvador Kitesurfing was founded in San Salvador 2016 by Jonathan Knowles. The goal for San Sal Kitesurfing is, to become a successful kitesurfing school that provides the best services to all clients to fit all of their needs and desires but not just in San Salvador but throughout The Bahamas to give flexibility and choices of the best and most unique locations The Bahamas has to offer. To encourage the Bahamian people to get more involved in this amazing sport to bring out the maximum potential out of our paradise to one day be one of the biggest and most satisfying events to all in The Bahamas


Head Instructor / Owner

Born in Nassau but raised on the island of San Salvador and since then, I have been the only Bahamian practicing kiteboarding on this little piece of paradise every windy day on these crystal clear waters satisfying my growing passion for kiteboarding. When the opportunity to share my knowledge showed up, I jumped on it, traveling all the way to the Dominican Republic Cabarete Centre to increase my knowledge of kiteboarding. There I learned a lot of new techniques on how to become a Professional Kitesurfing Instructor to progress in the right path. Working with different schools from Canada and Cabarete gaining a huge amount of valuable  experience and wisdom from great kiters that cross my path, I now pass my passion by teaching to whoever is ready to learn kiteboarding/kitesurfing in The Bahamas while also continuing to progress and push my own limits to become the best kitesurfer out there to come from The Bahamas.


Similar to Snow Bay, this bay is also protected by islands and a reef bearer and is the best and safest beach for kite-surfing for winds coming from the northside of the island

Arguably the most beautiful beach on the island with its incredible crystal clear blue waters and its wide white sandy beaches. Rarely do we have winds here to kite but when their's good winds, its perfect.




Snow bay is the most unique and safest spot on the island for kitesurfing. The bay is surrounded by reef and little islands waiting to be explored which protects the bay from wave surges and strong currents which makes it  easy and safe for all levels.



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Sandy Point, San Salvador, The Bahamas